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Responses from Lesson 2

Emotional/Social Intelligence




In their own words, the Fellows reflect on the impact the

T.R.U.S.T. Program has had on them. 


Standing in line: “I have to stand in line twice a day for medication. With Covid protocols not being followed, cutting in line, etc., I’ve felt these (impatience, irritability, frustration). It’s now actually kind of fun to recognize and feel what is going on with me, and work through it.”



"After my Olsen Review and reading about events that occurred 6 years ago, I was absolutely rattled, my mind went on autopilot thinking about the worst. My "pause" button was finding someone in N.A. to talk to.  But what would have happened if I didn't or couldn't find someone? I would have continued to practice my breathing and put things in perspective."



“I can’t believe that I could have been releasing a lot of stress after all these years just by meditating” “...when I (pause) and spend some time doing some positive thinking, I have this feeling of fresh air that rushes through my body, and from that point on, I know I’m going to have a good day.”



“ opportunity to really understand what is going on with me when I feel an emotion in the pit of my stomach or feel it in my eyes...those are warning signs for me to check my thoughts.  The easiest {emotion} is anger, rejection, fear; the harder ones like feeling resentment.  I have to be honest with myself and realize that’s what it is and then ask myself, why am I feeling this!”

“I think another difficult emotion to feel is shame because I have to name it and recognize that this shame is coming from a much deeper wound”



"The pause is a great tool.  I hope to incorporate it in my decision making.  It has been one of my great downfalls to act before thinking."

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