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T.R.U.S.T. Executive Committee


T.R.U.S.T Fellows

Our Fellows take on positions of responsibility.

We have 12-15 Fellows who serve as selected members.

They have all completed the nine-month T.R.U.S.T. Workshop. 

As participants, they were strong contributors in the workshops: completing assignments, helping where needed for set up, speaking out in small groups and exhibiting responsible behaviors in the workshops and on the yard. Current members nominate new members who then fulfill a 90 day trial to make sure the group is a good fit for them. 

The Executive Committee is elected by the Membership.

Committee Chairmen are appointed by the Executive Committee.


Executive Committee

 Chair: Louis Light

 Vice Chair: Jon Goldberg

 Secretary: Scotty Lardzibal

 Sargent at Arms: Ron Joffrion

 Education Chair: Lou Bernabei

 Event Chair: Cesar Nava


Standing Committees

Bylaws/Standards and Procedures Committee
Chairman: Sergio Alvarez

Volunteer: Fran Engstrom

Education Committee
Chair: Lou Bernabei


Diana Kronstadt

Event Committee

Chair: Cesar Nava

Volunteer: Susanne Siciliano

Workshop Support/Program Ambassadors

Chair: Ron Joffrion

Volunteer: Fran Engstrom

Project LA Committee

Chairman: Marquez Sherouse


Helaine Melnitzer

Social Media Committee  
Chairman: Louis Light 


Fran Engstrom

Susanne Siciliano

Web Design: Brando Reece-Gomez

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