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Anger Management 

(taught in Spanish)


                                                  Dr. Arnold Chavez, Co-facilitator

                                                  Erich Plate, Co-facilitator





"Developing this class was virtually a dream come true since self-help classes in Spanish are so scarce as are volunteers to teach in Spanish. The participants in this group are able to create a circle of support where they feel safe to identify the underlying issues of their anger, where they come from, and how to cope with them."

This class meets once a week for 12 weeks, serving a group of 20 men. It is offered twice per year. 

Dr. Arnold Chavez, retired from the Alameda County Public Health Department, along with retired Probation Officer Erich Plate are co-facilitators of this workshop.  This Anger Management class in Spanish is a first for San Quentin.


The course material used is the Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients” by SAMHSA and “Gaining Control of Ourselves:  A Complete Guide to Anger Management" by George Anderson.

Erich Plate, Co-Facilitator

"Hola.  The poem below embodies the core of the program.  It has two main components: Spiritual and Personal.  The fact that the workshop is conducted at the chapel is the 'icing on the cake'. Regardless of each man's religious preference, 'God is among us' is the consensus.  We start each session with a personal prayer.  For me, it has been a personal experience that cannot be matched."

"¿Quieres Ayudar?"


¿Quieres ayudar?

Ayúdate primero.

Solo los amados aman.

Solo los libres liberan.

Solo son fuentes de paz quienes están en paz consigo mismos.

Los que sufren, hacen sufrir.

Los fracasados necesitan ver fracasar a otros.

Los resentidos siembras violencia.

Los que tienen conflictos provocan conflictos a su alrededor.

Los que no se aceptan no pueden aceptar a los demás.

Es tiempo perdido y utopía pura, pretende dar a tus semejantes lo que tu no tienes. 

Debes empezar por ti mismo.

Motivaras a realizarse a sus allegados en la medida que tu estés realizado.

Amaras realmente al prójimo en la medida en que aceptes y ames serenamente tu persona y tu pasado. 


Dr. Arnold Chavez
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