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Purpose of

Thedo “Noble” Butler

T.R.U.S.T. Fellow 2011-2018

Former Chairman of the

Social Media Committee

Gained Parole September, 2018


"Thank you for visiting the San Quentin T.R.U.S.T. website. We hope you find it entertaining, informative and insightful.

The website is meant to introduce visitors to the T.R.U.S.T. program, learn about our mission, meet the men from the inside and the community volunteers who make the T.R.U.S.T. live. We hope to inspire others to want to become involved in making a difference in the lives of incarcerated men, as well as the communities that they come from. This project became a labor of love."

How It Came Together

Fran Engstrom, Volunteer, Social Media Committee

The content here has been organized from the handwritten notes the T.R.U.S.T. Fellows have given me. The most I have been able to show them are outlines of the pages and, more recently, copies of pages. Because they do not have internet access, they will never see the actual website until they re-enter society.

My hope is that as a result of this website, you will be as impressed as I am that these men can experience amazing personal growth amid the challenges of prison life. They care deeply about the T.R.U.S.T. and routinely put aside egos and personal differences for the needs of the group. They want nothing more than to show you that they are now assets, not liabilities, to their communities.

Our gratitude for the ongoing contributions from

Brando Reece-Gomez is boundless. He managed to provide creative and technical assistance in the development of this site while working on his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture. He really made it happen. 

Please visit this site often as we will continue to enhance the content over time. Be sure to check out the Donation Page before you say good-bye. 

Thanks very much for your interest.

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