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T.R.U.S.T. Workshops

The nine month T.R.U.S.T. curriculum is built around a structure to move from personal insight and self-assessment to healthy communication, fostering healthy relationships, and preparation for the Parole Board. Consistent attendance is required, and participants contribute to the ground rules for the program at the initial orientation. Small groups are established to facilitate personal sharing.  

Participants are expected to complete assignments outside

of the workshops to allow for personal reflection. 

After completion of the program, participants graduate and receive a certificate.

They may also earn credits towards sentence reduction.

Workshops are facilitated by a combination of Program Volunteers, Fellows, and outside professionals.

Workshop Topics

Self-Assessment and Self-Esteem


Emotional Intelligence

Old Values/New Values

Childhood Trauma

Domestic Violence

Grief and Loss

Healthy Relationships/Conflict Resolution

Mindful Speech/Active Listening

Re-establishing Family Relationships

Evaluation of Risk Assessment

Insight and Parole Board Preparation

Parole Pitfalls

Participants Share their Insights on the Workshops

Small Groups

Participants are assigned to a small group which is facilitated by one or two T.R.U.S.T. Fellows. 


These groups stay together throughout the duration of the workshop curriculum. The small group format provides an opportunity to delve more deeply into the workshop topics, promotes informal communication, and provides a space to establish new relationships. Fellows benefit from the opportunity to develop skills in leadership.

Participants Share their Insights on the Small Groups

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