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T.R.U.S.T. Workshops


Comments from our Graduates on the Small Groups:

“The small groups were beneficial especially when students are not grasping the topics and understanding the material presented.  Also, the various ethnicities in each group and diverse upbringing gave a diverse platform to view and learn from.  The small groups were more personal and allowed students who were quiet in the large group to open up and share.”

“When we have the small groups, it helps me to go deeper into my feelings and thoughts as to what I have to do to change."


“The groups provided a space to gain clarity upon the topics from workshops, as well as giving those not comfortable enough to dialogue in front of many people."


“I did enjoy the small groups because we had more time to say how we felt about the things that we were learning and how to use it in our life and in prison.”


“I think we all got to be part of the group team.  The small groups really came together and were great.”


“Sitting in circles where we don’t know others, some of us are not so okay with opening up with others and telling our deepest, darkest secrets.  The small circles made it easier to be more open.”


“Everyone has a story to tell, personal or otherwise. This helps to understand one another.”


“Small groups worked very well with me because I was able to implement in decisions more so than I would in the larger group.  We were able to explore alternative ideas and different points of view on each topic at hand.”


“I very much enjoyed the small groups being that I am a quiet person and am not much good at speaking out due to past trauma.  I appreciate all the feedback in the small groups and in every session we had things I never knew.”


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