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Leadership Committees

T.R.U.S.T. Executive Committee

Our San Quentin committees provide leadership opportunities for individuals who want to take on positions of responsibility.

The Executive Committee is elected by the membership.

Committee Chairmen are appointed by the EC

Executive Committee

Program Committee Chairmen

Bylaws/Standards and Procedures
Chairman: Philip Senegal --- Primary Volunteer: Quilley Powers

Chairman: Timothy Warren --- Primary Volunteer: Diana Kronstadt

Chairman: Valeray Richardson --- Primary Volunteers:

Fran Engstrom and Helaine Melnitzer

Finance/Food sales

Chairman: Richard Benjamin --- Primary Volunteer: Helaine Melnitzer

Health Fair 

Chairman: Wyatt MacMillian 

Staff Sponsor:  Madeline Tenney

Organizing Volunteer:  Leslie Schoenfeld

Social Media  
Chairman: Louis Light --- Primary Volunteer: Fran Engstrom

                                       Chairman: Orlando Harris

                              Vice Chairman: Philip Senegal 

                                    Secretary: Bryan Jacko

                                Sargent at Arms: Wyatt McMillian

                                     Treasurer: Valeray Richardson

                Program/Media Coordinator: Louis Light

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